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Counselling . Coaching . Supervision . Mentoring . Mediation



Counselling provides an opportunity for people to walk through challenges they are facing in a confidential setting.  



Coaching is a process of revealing a person's untapped potential through inquiry and increasing their performance.



Professional Supervision is a process of reflection and review that enables growth and change in specific areas of life.



Mentoring is a relationship that is established and grows over time.

One of the key components is to develop and release skills in the individual.



Mediation brings resolution and a mutually acceptable agreement for two or more parties.

My Approach

There are many different approaches to counselling, coaching, training, mentoring and mediation. I take the time to understand each person I work with and appreciate the uniqueness of each situation. I want to ensure that the process is as beneficial and constructive as it can be.

Jim Cameron B Couns (Coaching)
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Registered No. 26876
CCAA (Grad) No. 400915
About me

I have been married for over 35 years and have two adult children. I have been involved in sales and  senior management for a major national company. Currently, I am a pastor of a local church and have been involved in community organisations and pastoral counselling for over 30 years. I enjoy the odd game of golf and great coffee.

Mark Edwards OAM
Cityhope Church
Testimonials and References
Mark Edwards OAM
Cityhope Church

I have the honour and privilege of knowing Jim Cameron for at least 15 years and I am delighted that he has established a counselling and coaching business. Jim is the ideal person to do this because he has the track record in these areas to ensure a professional and outstanding service to anyone who chooses to engage him.


In this area, - character and integrity are everything and Jim is someone with its of those qualities.


Competency is also extremely vital and Jim is one of the most competent people in this field.


I have no hesitation in recommending Jim and hope you take the advantage of the services that he provides.





Mark Edwards OAM

Senior Minister

Cityhope Church

Rob Brown
Brown & Hurley Group

I have known Jim Cameron for approximately 26 years.


During this time, I have seen Jim follow his dream to building a local church, both spiritually & physically. Despite several setbacks, Jim’s determination to have a permanent building exemplifies his character. He managed the whole process from beginning to end and overcame numerous obstacles, not a small task with the various agencies involved.


Jim is smart, compassionate, forgiving and understanding. He is trustworthy and always shows great integrity.

He is warm, very easy to talk to and always keeps discussions confidential.


Jim is a great person and I count him as one of my friends.


I would have no hesitation in going to Jim to discuss any matter that I needed to share.


Rob Brown


Joint Managing Director

The Brown and Hurley Group Pty Ltd

Jim conducted our professional development day at James Cook University, Brisbane in 2019.


In attendance were our teaching faculty and staff and Jim covered the subject “Accidental Counsellor.”


His expertise regarding the subject was clearly evident and his capacity to quickly connect with different levels of the faculty enabled interaction within the team. Jim's leading our staff through the process of discovering their strengths and challenges led to a greater awareness of how to address issues that we face within in our industry.


I highly recommend Jim to you as you will find his input a valuable investment.


Brett Vance


Manager Teaching and Learning
James Cook University Brisbane

Reg Rowe 
Super Retail Group

I have known Jim Cameron for the last forty years. During this time he had progressed from a junior salesperson to Store Manager, Area Manager and to General Manager of Super Cheap Auto.


During this time Jim had oversight of many areas in the organisation including running professional development days corporately and coaching managers individually. His personality enables him to connect with all people in any setting.


I hold Jim in the highest regard as he is a person of integrity and good character, I highly recommend him to you in what area you wish to engage him.


Kind Regards


Reg Rowe


Super Retail Group Director

Excel Property Development Group Director

Ango Wangatau OBE
Professional Link

I am honoured to provide a referee for Jim Cameron. I have known Jim for more than 19 years as the Pastor of Riverside Church and seen him conducting voluntary counselling and coaching services for many people both members and none members of the church.


I am delighted that he has established a counselling and coaching business to extend the same services to the wider community. Jim is person oriented and always strives to achieve excellence in his profession. 


I have found him to be a very mature person, having high moral and ethical standards both professionally and personally. 


Having the above in mind, I have no hesitation in recommending Jim to you.

Yours Faithfully 

Ango Wangatau, OBE FCPA

Professional Link

Brett Vance
James Cook University
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